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The intention of this online journal (EDCS-J) is to publish short contributions to epigraphy as well as new inscriptions, additions to inscriptions or new readings. In the case of articles with inscriptions for the database, article publication and database entry take place at the same time (once a month after submission). The authors will receive a PDF of their article, which will be available for them on the download page EDCS-Journal. For articles with inscriptions intended for inclusion in the EDCS, authors are kindly asked to provide all the information necessary to answer the fields of the general search mask, i.e. province, place, date, text, commentary (all in Unicode; quotations of sources and literature as in the EDCS; languages: de, en, es, fr, it or Latin). The authors are responsible for supplying the copy rights of all images sent to the editors of this journal. Please submit all articles and discussions (open peer-review) to: or


EDCS-J 17, 11/2021 Werner Eck / Andreas Pangerl Diplomfragmente von der flavischen Zeit bis ins 3. Jahrhundert DOI:10.36204/edcsj-017-202111 [828 KB]
EDCS-J 16, 11/2021 Werner Eck Zu zwei fragmentarischen Inschriften aus Troesmis und Utica DOI:10.36204/edcsj-016-202111 [381 KB]
EDCS-J 15, 10/2021 Werner Eck Iovi Optimo Maximo, Iunoni Reginae, Minervae Augustis DOI:10.36204/edcsj-015-202110 [276 KB]
EDCS-J 14, 09/2021 Harald Lehenbauer Die norischen Auxiliartruppen als Ziegel schlagender Verband am Donaulimes? DOI:10.36204/edcsj-014-202109 [345 KB]
EDCS-J 13, 05/2021 Werner Eck Colonia Agrippinensium oder colonia Agrippina auf Meilensteinen des 2. und 3. Jh.? DOI:10.36204/edcsj-013-202105 [288 KB]
EDCS-J 12, 04/2021 Werner Eck AE 1973, 237 = AE 1976, 227 aus Mutina: eine Fälschung DOI:10.36204/edcsj-012-202104 [1.045 KB]
EDCS-J 11, 03/2021 Michael Alexander Speidel Interrex legionis? — Zur Inschrift eines römischen Unteroffiziers aus Nyon DOI:10.36204/edcsj-011-202103 [429 KB]
EDCS-J 10, 03/2021 Manfred Clauss Neue Inschriften 2020 DOI:10.36204/edcsj-010-202103 [8.5 MB]
EDCS-J 9, 03/2021 Manfred Clauss Neue Inschriften 2018 – 2019 DOI:10.36204/edcsj-009-202103 [17.1 MB]
EDCS-J 8, 02/2021 Manfred Clauss / Jona Lendering Neue Inschriften aus Syrien und Nordafrika DOI:10.36204/edcsj-008-202102 [8.9 MB]
EDCS-J 7, 02/2021 Manfred Clauss Neue Inschriften 2015 – 2017 DOI:10.36204/edcsj-007-202102 [5.1 MB]
EDCS-J 6, 02/2021 William S. Kurtz Sobre inscripciones fechadas con la fórmula anno regno domini nostri DOI:10.36204/edcsj-006-202102 [427 KB]
EDCS-J 5, 12/2020 Manfred Clauss Neue Inschriften 2012 – 2014 DOI:10.36204/edcsj-005-202012 [11.3 MB]
EDCS-J 4, 12/2020 Manfred Clauss Neue Inschriften 2009 – 2011 DOI:10.36204/edcsj-004-202012 [13.6 MB]
EDCS-J 3, 08/2020 Marcus Dohnicht Konkordanz zwischen den Separatdrucken der Notizie degli Scavi di Antichità
und den Abdrucken in den Atti della Reale Accademia dei Lincei
DOI:10.36204/edcsj-003-202008 [440 KB]
EDCS-J 2, 07/2020 Anne Kolb Comments on two milestones from the Danube road in Moesia inferior DOI:10.36204/edcsj-002-202007 [346 KB]
EDCS-J 1, 07/2020 Anne Kolb A new milestone of Septimius Severus near Durostorum DOI:10.36204/edcsj-001-202007 [238 KB]